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Wrap And Roll Eatery,

Self-taught Chef, Foodie and Entrepreneur Mikia Aivaze has an abundance of great Hospitality endeavors. It is no doubt he has a passion for making everything taste amazing. However, many of his customers are surprised to find out what Mikia has coming up next. Some may be surprised Mikia's favorite meal of the day is lunch, and he loves a good sandwich. Like many of us, he considers food one of the greatest pleasures in life. Oh yeah, He will bet you will go “coo-coo” for a good, hearty, New York style sandwich. Daily freshly baked bread and only garden-crisp ingredients. The care that we put in our hand-crafted sandwich process will give you the mouthwatering- flavorsome eating experience that you deserve. Food coma worthy? You bet cha Mikia’s passion for food has made him eager to perfect his handcrafted recipes. He loves to cook just as much as he loves to eat and that is where the idea of sharing it with the world was hatched. Mikia has decided to open Wrap and Roll Eatery. 

At Wrap and Roll Eatery, we pride ourselves on the ingredients we use. Always fresh, and never frozen. Mikia’s mission is to redefine the Wrap and Roll game. While maintaining the traditional wraps and sandwiches, he added just a dash of L.A. flair. Our signature sandwiches and spreads are second to none. recipes, and our chicken are 100% organic, halal, and cage-free.

*Mikia's Tip: “you have to try the Italian Grinder, It’s not a sandwich!”


Our rock star sandwiches will keep you dancing!

Yours sincerely,

The Sandwich Artist

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